Nuance Gatekeeper—AI-powered Biometrics & Security

Introducing Nuance Gatekeeper, secure biometrics for the cloud

Nuance Gatekeeper is a cloud‑native, decision‑making, state of the art AI‑powered biometric solution for frictionless authentication enabling organizations to mitigate fraud losses, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction across both voice and digital channels.

The world’s most advanced biometric solution for authentication and fraud detection

Nuance Gatekeeper is a fully scalable security solution designed for the cloud. As an AI‑based solution, Nuance Gatekeeper makes decisions using an unparalleled set of characteristics and traits about the user. This includes the fastest and most accurate voice biometrics engine in the world—Nuance Lightning Engine—and a combination of other layered security factors, like conversational biometrics.

Nuance Gatekeeper offers the peace of mind you want, whether it’s for sensitive tasks like cash transfers and activating a new cell phone, or any other everyday task that’s important to your business and to your customer’s well‑being.

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Nuance Gatekeeper

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Nuance Gatekeeper—the solution your agents and customers love, and fraudsters will hate—brings secure biometrics to the cloud.

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Award-winning biometrics technology

Across industries and geographies, Nuance is recognized for its innovative biometric authentication and fraud prevention technology.

Breaking new ground

Nuance Gatekeeper is a pathway to security across multiple channels, and to the full suite of Nuance’s intelligent engagement solutions—whether it’s for the contact center, IVR, web or mobile. With Nuance Gatekeeper, what we do best has just gotten better.

Business value:
  • Secure and seamless customer authentication
  • Improvement of business results (mitigate financial loss, operational savings)
  • Improvement to customer and agent satisfaction
  • Fraud disruption
Benefits of the cloud:
  • Decreased setup and ongoing costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Continuous updates and improvements
  • Access to our latest and ever-evolving algorithms
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Full control: eliminating complexity while offering full transparency
  • Increased flexibility for organizations of all sizes
  • Seamless integration with Nuance Omni-Channel Engagement
Key features

What you get with Nuance Gatekeeper

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Authentication and fraud prevention

To provide the highest levels of security and convenience to legitimate customers while combating the near‑constant attacks by hackers, organizations use Nuance’s integrated authentication and fraud prevention solutions to keep customers happy and their accounts safe while saving millions of dollars. Visit our authentication and fraud prevention information portals for more information.

Authentication & fraud

Biometric authentication and fraud prevention

Nuance has been in the contact center security business for almost two decades and has become a trusted partner of financial institutions, telecommunications companies and many other industries. In fact, last year alone our solutions prevented over $2 billion in fraud, helping organizations achieve substantial operational savings while improving customer satisfaction. Our global insights and resources reinforce our market leadership as we invent and innovate security technology.

Intelligent Detectors

Intelligent Detectors are new cutting-edge technology from Nuance that makes identifying fraudsters much easier.

What's New Nuance Security Suite
What's New Nuance Security Suite
What's New Nuance Security Suite
What's New Nuance Security Suite
What's New Nuance Security Suite
What's New Nuance Security Suite
What's New Nuance Security Suite

Why adopt new technology?

"Fraud is reaching epidemic proportions in many organizations as knowledge-based identity validation provides only symbolic security. This is particularly true within digital channels where username and password databases have been massively compromised, as well as the contact center where fraudsters leverage compromised customer data stores to answer security questions. Given this context, it is crucial that organizations adapt to this new reality and implement technologies to proactively detect and identify fraudsters. Nuance Gatekeeper is the only platform on the market that equips organizations with a robust and layered AI-based approach to identify fraudsters while simultaneously improving the experience for consumers."

Bretislav Beranek
Vice President of Biometrics and Security, Nuance

Nuance IQ Magazine

How do you stay ahead of the fraudsters? Innovate!


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