Public security and safety forensic biometric solutions

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Biometrics are an invaluable and proven security tool used across the world to assist in crime prevention, investigation efforts and voice analysis. Nuance leads the pack in developing and employing solutions in governments, military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies.

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New public security weapons

Nuance, and our public security division Agnitio, is the global leader in public security solutions that employ voice biometric and other speech technologies.

If you’ve sworn an oath to protect your communities, you need as many effective tools to help identify threats and prosecute criminals as you can get. Nuance public security products deliver needle‑in‑a‑haystack identification and statistically sound tools that can provide actionable intelligence and stand up in the courts worldwide.

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Learn how Nuance Forensics voice biometrics solutions help forensic examiners and investigators improve public safety.

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The full range of voice biometric technology from Nuance and Agnitio.


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