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Nuance Customer Care solutions can help your business increase customer lifetime value and retain your customer base—all while reducing cost and churn. Welcome to digital customer service.

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Gain higher satisfaction at a lower cost

Let’s cut right to the chase: Nuance’s digital Customer Care solutions can cut your customer support costs by 25%. We deliver engagements powered by AI technology—and managed through field-tested best practices—to create a huge impact on your customer experience. Our solution enables your company to:

  • Proactively provide omni-channel customer service.
  • Focus on account support, service and retention with value in call deflection, first contact resolution and customer lifetime value.
  • Identify account growth opportunities.
  • Target customers that have high propensity to churn.
  • Facilitate effortless digital customer care.

Nuance Customer Care solutions have delivered customer satisfaction scores above 80%—and we’re ready to help you achieve similar results.

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of customer relationships with an enterprise will be managed without human contact by 2020.


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