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Loquendo customer support

Loquendo's clients empower their customers to interact with services, technologies and devices in the most natural way possible—by simply using their voice. We enable you to enrich your products and services with speech and to achieve significant savings for your business every year.

Automatic Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, and platform products

  • Loquendo ASR (LASR)
  • Loquendo TTS (LTTS)
  • Loquendo Embedded ASR
  • Loquendo Embedded TTS
  • Loquendo MRCP Server (LMS)
  • Loquendo Speech Suite (LSS)
  • VoxNauta
Voice Biometrics products

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  • Loquendo Voice Security Library (LVSL)
  • Loquendo Voice Investigation System (LVIS)
  • Loquendo Voice Speech System (LVSS)
  • Loquendo Voice Authentication System (LVAR)

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