Intelligent Engagement AI Services for a 5G world

Nuance’s Intelligent Engagement AI Services reinvent customer engagement in a 5G world

A cloud‑native AI‑first strategy combined with 5G to enable brands to engage in new and better ways across any digital and voice channel.

Intelligent Engagement AI Services for a 5G world

As 5G becomes real, leading brands and CSPs are putting artificial intelligence (AI) at the front of their digital transformation and customer engagement strategies. Some are already building-in customer engagement AI services to their 5G platforms.

Why? Because 5G:

Optimizing the network

Modern 5G architectures are mirroring those of modern public clouds—open, extensible, virtualized, cloud‑native software platforms with high levels of automation and API’s. They are highly distributed, deployed, and managed more quickly and less expensively than ever.

Nuance Intelligent Engagement AI Services

AI-first digital customer engagement

5G and Nuance Intelligent Engagement AI services are ushering in the day where nearly all customer engagements will be automated—for the consumer, agent and enterprise.

Control your customer experience and your data

As a trusted partner and leader in every vertical from healthcare to telco, Nuance is no stranger to digital transformation and data privacy. Don’t relinquish control over your customer data and user experience; partner with Nuance and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from protecting your subscribers.

Why organizations choose our intelligent engagement platform powered by AI


Billion customer interactions with 16 billion digital engagement interactions per year


Reduction in time and costs making customers happy and significantly adding to their lifetime value


Years helping global market leaders transform their businesses through improved customer experience, cost reduction, and growth KPIs