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Engage your mobile customers on their terms

Smartphones are everywhere – which means your customers can do business anywhere. Nuance Customer Service Messaging helps you deliver a seamless and secure brand experience.

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Call deflection solutions from Nuance

With call deflection solutions from Nuance, you can shift callers to asynchronous messaging channels, eliminating hold time, providing faster service and increasing agent productivity. Our proven AI engages customers at the start of their journey—understanding what they want and offering a digital channel to provide the best experience while keeping your costs in check.

Messaging done right

Worldwide mobile and tablet internet usage exceeded desktop for the first time in November 2016*. As your customers reach for their mobile devices more often, be ready to engage them across mobile channels – mobile browser, SMS, branded and messaging apps – with a seamless customer experience.

Be there for your customers in their mobile moment of need. Nuance Customer Service Messaging helps you deliver an effortless engagement that ensures an immediate response to any inquiry your customers might have while enabling them to connect with you on their terms. Connect the dots for your customers by integrating automated and human‑assisted conversations happening in messaging apps like Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages, and Facebook Messenger, via SMS or inside your app into your omni‑channel strategy.

Nuance makes it easy for you. Our platform ensures a consistent engagement experience for your customers through any channel they choose. Integrated analytics are powered by AI to deliver measurable insights along the entire customer journey.

Enable superior customer service messaging and authentication for both text and voice‑based engagements for higher customer satisfaction and lower contact center costs.

Is messaging right for your company? Check out our infographic –"A Conversation About Messaging for Customer Engagement" to learn why it's important to meet your customers' needs for instant service on their terms.

* Stat Counter Global Stats

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Nuance Customer Service Messaging

Watch how Nuance Customer Service Messaging enables you to engage with your customers on their terms.

Nuance Customer Service Messaging
Nuance SMS Text Messaging for Customer Engagement

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