What is a voicebot?

Voicebots and voice virtual assistants

Voicebots, or voice virtual assistants, help you offer automated self‑service for callers to resolve their issues quickly through a natural conversation—without ever needing to talk to a live agent.

What is a voicebot (or a voice VA)?

Just like a chatbot or virtual assistant (VA) in digital channels, a voicebot provides automated self‑service for customers in your voice channels. Whether you call it a voicebot or a voice VA, it amounts to the same thing: it’s an AI‑powered IVR that lets callers speak in their own words, rather than choosing from a limited set of options, and have a natural, two‑way conversation to get fast resolutions.

The most advanced voicebots can offer personalized greetings, predict customer intents, and hold a human‑like conversation that feels like talking to a live agent. And if they encounter an inquiry they can’t resolve, automated voice systems route the caller to the most appropriate agent, along with all the context of the conversation so far.

How it can help

By providing efficient, effective engagements, voicebots increase self‑service containment, improve customer satisfaction, and free human agents to handle more complex inquiries.

When customers get rapid results from a voice VA, it helps build trust and loyalty in your brand, while reducing call volumes at your contact center. And with voicebots handling routine inquiries, agents can spend their time on high‑value interactions or complex cases that require their skills and empathy—increasing agent satisfaction and reducing churn.

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