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Automated, reliable reporting and analytics for IVR

Is your IVR application performing at its best?

Without the proper tools, it’s difficult to know exactly how your speech application is affecting your company’s customer satisfaction, efficiency and costs. But the impact interactive voice response (IVR) performance can have on your KPIs is huge.

Your net promoter score, your average handle times and your first‑call resolution rates all rely on how well your IVR is doing its job. That’s why you need effective analytics and reporting tools to monitor and optimize your IVR application. Nuance Insights delivers all that and more.

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Nuance IVR Assessment

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Nuance Insights is a powerful, efficient way to measure how your IVR application is performing. With detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, delivered with best-in-class data visualization, you can dig deep into how your call flows are working, ensure your IVR is interacting with callers effectively, and find out if your business is getting the ROI it needs.


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