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Innovative technologies powering our solutions

Nuance solutions are backed by core speech technologies—Automatic Speech Recognition, Text‑to‑Speech, Natural Language Understanding, and voice biometrics—to help you deliver seamless and secure self‑service automation.

Turn our expertise into your customer experience

Perfected through years of research and development by leading industry experts, Nuance speech technologies power the solutions that enhance billions of customer interactions every year.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

ASR opens the door for limitless automated customer service applications that enhance customer interactions through the power of speech.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

TTS enables unique, engaging, and completely personalized self‑service interactions across channels, day and night.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

NLU helps you engage customers by promoting a human‑like, conversational self‑service experience.

Voice biometrics

Turn five simple words—“My voice is my password”—into a powerful way to eliminate passwords, PINs, and security questions for every customer interaction.

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Capture speech and accelerate customer self‑service

ASR is the foundation of our automated self-service IVR and contact center experience. Accurate, reliable, and extremely versatile, this technology enables your customers to interact with the system by simply using their voice.

Nuance Recognizer

Nuance Recognizer is at the core of our contact center automation solutions, delivering the industry’s highest recognition accuracy while encouraging natural, human‑like conversations for self‑service customer interactions.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Self-service quality you can hear

TTS technology delivers ultimate flexibility in self‑service applications without sacrificing quality. Say hello to the ability to say anything, anytime, anywhere with a diverse voice portfolio, multi‑language capabilities, custom voices, and powerful tuning tools.

Nuance Vocalizer

Nuance Vocalizer is an enterprise-ready spoken output engine that enhances your IVR experience and enables more human, personalized customer interactions. And it comes equipped with more than 50 languages and over 120 voices.


Say it aloud: Speech solutions deliver for your customers


of consumers prefer speech automation systems (natural language or directed dialogue) over touch‑tone.


Voice biometrics can authenticate users in five seconds, 80% faster than knowledge‑based authentication.


Nuance Recognizer features 85 languages and dialects, so you can implement a multilingual self‑service system from Argentina to New Zealand.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Deliver seamless self‑service, naturally

By learning and adapting to your customer’s natural input, NLU advances the boundaries of human‑machine interaction and enhances self‑service interactions. As a leader in NLU technology, Nuance brings unparalleled expertise—delivering improved routing accuracy, shorter calls, and the know‑how to turn caller intent data into a more conversational, intelligent self‑service experience.

Voice biometrics

Securely authenticate with your customer’s voice

Discover how a world without passwords, PINs, and security questions enhances the customer experience, reduces agent-assisted service costs, and cuts down on fraud. Nuance voice biometric solutions, deployed at the world’s most trusted financial institutions and innovative enterprises, enables rapid authentication and improves customer satisfaction.


On-demand webinar

Learn how Nuance speech technologies are built for your business—and designed around your customers.