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Dragon's technical experts and documentation team have created guides, workbooks and videos to help you use Dragon more effectively. Please also see the KnowledgeBase(Open a new window) where a wide range of users exchange tips and discuss feature requests.

Calisto microphones

  • We recommend plugging the bluetooth microphone’s dongle (wireless adaptor) into your computer before you open Dragon.
  • While the Calisto II's headset is charging, its indicator light glows solid red, but once the headset is fully charged, this light goes off.
  • The headset does not automatically power on. Once the headset is charged and paired to its dongle, you must power it up by holding its button for about 6 seconds (it then emits 4 ascending beeps), then pressing it for 1 second to activate its radio link to its dongle.
  • This video includes how to charge and power up the headset, as well as turn on the connection to its USB wireless adapter. It also covers how to check the “recording device” settings in the Windows Control Panel: Using the Calisto II Bluetooth wireless microphone with Dragon

Quick start cards

The quick start card helps you quickly install and activate Dragon.


The user workbook provides explanations, examples, and illustrations, as well as step‑by‑step instructions and practice exercises to help you make the most of your investment in Dragon.

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