Nuance healthcare solutions for AHPs

Clinical documentation solutions for allied health professionals

Nuance speech-to-text solutions streamline the documentation process for allied health professionals and free up time to spend with patients.

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Allied health professionals are clearing administrative backlogs and saving time with AI-powered clinical speech recognition

Allied health professionals (AHPs) span a diverse range of occupations and their care is carried out in many different clinical settings. 90% of AHPs spend 1-3 hours a day on documentation. Speech-enabling the electronic patient record (EPR) system provides AHPs with an accurate, rapid, and efficient way to capture the complete patient story.

Releasing admin backlogs for Allied Health Professionals

Administrative burden has been relieved and letter turnaround has been reduced from weeks to days at this community-based musculoskeletal and physiotherapy services.


Documentation capture solutions

AI solutions that empower allied health professionals

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Dictation is at least 3x faster than typing and AHP’s are saving hours per week with clinical speech recognition.


Physiotherapists at Dynamic Health now send letters to GP’s and patients in days instead of weeks.


Speech recognition is helping clinics eliminate the cost of outsourced transcription services.



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