Nuance healthcare solutions for nurses

Clinical documentation solutions for nurses

Reduce the time nursing staff spend on administration with Nuance’s AI-powered clinical speech recognition solutions.

Reducing administrative burden for nurses

Clinical speech recognition technology helps alleviate the burden of clinical documentation for hospital staff.

Concerns & benefits

Nurses are cutting time spent on clinical documentation and freeing up more time for patient care with speech recognition

Nurses spend over 50% of their time on clinical documentation and 64% of that time is spent on narrative (‘unstructured’ notes). Nuance’s speech-to-text solutions reduce workload pressures, enabling patient notes to be accurately and efficiently captured in the electronic patient record (EPR) system and freeing up valuable time for patient care.

Impressive outcomes start here


Dictation is at least 3x faster than typing and nurses are saving hours per week with clinical speech recognition.


89% of nurses surveyed at Concord Hospital said that use of speech recognition improved their job satisfaction.

40+ mins

Paediatric nurses at one NHS Trust estimated savings of at least 40 mins per patient per day with speech-to-text software.


AI solutions that empower nurses

Nuance solutions help provide greater accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility for nurses.



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