Improving Coding Productivity and SNOMED CT Compliance

Transforming coding

Hospitals and practices deal with an immense amount of patient data on a daily basis. Clinical coding allows that information to be translated accurately into categorised coded data that can then be used to ensure that the hospital is correctly reimbursed for treatments. Coding in healthcare also makes it possible for management, analysts and others to monitor the provision of services, discover health and care trends and plan services accordingly.

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Improving computer-assisted coding efficiency

Moving from ICD-10 to SNOMED CT

Computer-assisted coding (CAC) and medical coding products meanwhile have made it possible to code faster, in higher volumes and with greater complexity than before.

Why Dragon Medical

Tackle the challenges of clinical documentation and coding

Dragon Medical’s advanced speech-to-text capabilities allow clinicians to simply speak directly into the electronic patient record. This means records can be more detailed and accurate – providing clinical coders with richer detail upon which to determine the coding reducing the need to seek clarification from clinicians and saving time.

This improves:
— Accuracy of patient documentation
— Completeness of medical records
— Time and resources spent on clinical documentation

A study conducted by Nuance into clinical documentation shows that in 27.4% of medical records, information was not available or had insufficient detail, whilst documentation accounted for 50% or more of a doctor’s time

In their own words

What clinicians are saying

Effective solutions for clinicians. A major boost to the efforts of clinical coders.
ICD-10 and SNOMED CT ready, Dragon Medical solutions are a scalable speech-to-text tool for healthcare organisations of all sizes. Take a closer look to discover the full range of features and how it can support clinical coding.

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