Nuance Dragon Medical for busy GP surgeries

Enrich your practice manager and transform the way your team works.

GP surgeries are struggling under a rising workload and tightening budgets matched by growing patient concerns about convenient access to services and ongoing pressure to meet surgery performance measures. Speech recognition helps to achieve better outcomes and a more consistent experience for patients by capturing the patient story efficiently at the point of care and easing the administrative burden of clinical documentation.

The general practice team’s time and energy is freed‑up from the paperwork to focus on the care and the well‑being of its patients.

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A better work-life balance and more time to care.

One of the biggest challenges in managing a general practice or medical centre today is preventing burnout in the face of ever‑increasing workloads. And it’s not just GPs who are at risk of succumbing to stress and overwork, practice managers too are feeling the strain as demand for primary care services grow and budgets tighten. GP software that is designed for busy surgeries, our speech recognition solutions will reduce paperwork and turnaround times whilst also eliminate the backlog of letters, referrals and medicals and pay back your technology investment within weeks.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

For the health of your practice and the care of your patients.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Nuance solutions help you refine your documentation process, capture a complete patient story and monitor the health of your practice. Measure and improve operations, adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements, enhance the physician experience and, most importantly, drive better patient outcomes with GP software tailored for the practice environment.

In the future a lot less time will be spent by staff on administrative tasks and routine communication, as automation, voice recognition and natural language processing become more commonplace—Nuffield Trust.
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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