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Drive documentation productivity—all by voice, with Dragon Professional Individual, v15. Dictate and transcribe documents, create spreadsheets, send an email or add your own personalization, and spend less time on documentation and more time on business-critical tasks.

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Role of technology in financial services

With an increase in reporting and paperwork demands and a shifting environment where clients expect more personalized services, it’s not surprising that financial professionals want agile tools to help meet these demands. Our second annual Role of Technology in Financial Documentation Compliance Survey looks at the impact to Financial Services on both back-end tasks like documentation, as well as front-of-the-house activities, such as client service.

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Infographic: Role of technology in financial documentation

Financial advisors seek automated tools to help improve documentation productivity, compliance, and client service.

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Financial advisors want solutions to help address customer-facing
and back-office tasks

Of respondents agree that the use of automated tools help both customer-facing and back-office administrative tasks within their firms.


Over 40% of respondents say their documentation demands (as a result of compliance) have increased over the past 12-months, driving them to seek new solutions.


Even with growth in automation, over 50% of respondents remain neutral or not satisfied with their firms’ use of technology to automate reporting and client service.


Of advisors say mastering “soft-skills” like communication and time-management will become more important to productivity than technical knowledge of financial products.

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