Voice biometrics—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Australian Tax Office deploys voice biometrics.

Taxpayer experience improved with more than 4.2M voiceprints enrolled and growing.

Company profile

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is the Australian Government’s main revenue collection agency. The ATO delivers various social and economic benefit and incentive programs, administers major aspects of Australia’s superannuation system and acts as custodian of the Australian Business Register.

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Australian Tax Office deploys Nuance Voice Biometrics


  • ~8M community calls received annually, majority require caller ID verification by agent
  • ~3.3M calls handled during peak tax period (July–Oct.)
  • Combined 75K agent hours annually verifying customer IDs


  • Customers use same voiceprint across contact center and mobile app
  • Nuance Security Suite
  • Customer's voice analyzed for hundreds of unique characteristics against voiceprint on file


  • More than 4.2M customers have enrolled voiceprint since September 2014
  • Reduction of up to 48 seconds for repeat caller handle times
  • Surveyed callers indicate a faster, easier and more secure authentication process


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