Healthcare Solutions for Veterans Affairs

Optimize care delivery for the veteran community

Provide VA hospitals and clinics with a wide-range of solutions across the continuum of care to help deliver the high-quality care veterans deserve with Nuance Healthcare solutions.

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Provide veterans with the care they deserve

Veterans Affairs (VA) constituents from within and outside the system—patients, clinicians and administrators—all want accurate information instantly to improve care and ensure appropriate funding. Nuance provides VA hospitals and clinics with a wide-range of solutions across the continuum of care to help deliver high-quality care despite constrained budgets, while also fulfilling regulatory, privacy, and national security requirements.


Solutions that support veterans across the continuum of care

Nuance provides VA hospitals and clinics with a wide-range of solutions that support clinical documentation improvement, radiology reporting, and clinical collaboration that improves outcomes, and appropriate VERA funding.


Healthcare solutions that work for VA hospitals and clinics

Improve clinical and financial outcomes, while meeting VA requirements with Nuance’s full-spectrum of solutions for VA hospitals and clinics that support clinical documentation improvement, radiology reporting and clinical collaboration.

Dragon Medical is the leading medical speech recognition solution today—by far. Compatible with the VA CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) and Cerner Millennium, it is a key productivity component in electronic health records solutions throughout the Federal Government, including Veterans Affairs and the Military Health System.


  • Most accurate medical speech recognition ever with up to 99% accuracy
  • Enables clinicians to dictate, review and sign medical records in one step
  • Reduces or eliminates transcription costs
  • Includes medical vocabularies covering nearly 80 specialties and subspecialties

For more information on Dragon Medical, VA employees can visit here(Open a new window).

PowerScribe 360 offers radiologists a leap forward in speech recognition technology with unmatched speed, accuracy, and control. PowerScribe 360's integrated productivity tools take radiology speech recognition reporting to the next level as the new industry standard for report creation, multi-site workflow, data capture, and communication.


  • Accelerates radiology report turnaround times
  • Seamlessly integrates with VistA and Cerner Millennium
  • PowerScribe 360 (version 5.0) is DIACAP Certified
  • Combines advanced speech recognition technology in a single platform
  • Provides "real-time" speech recognition and dictation, transcription and correction workflow, printing, faxing, coding, peer review, integrated clinical content and extensive administrative tools

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PowerScribe 360 Critical Results(pdf. Open a new window) is a Web-based CTRM solution for VA hospital diagnostic departments. The only end-to-end critical results reporting solution for communicating lab, radiology, cardiology, and pathology results to ordering clinicians. Timely communication of test results helps ensure quick, auditable communication of patients' urgent test results.


  • Ensures reliable caregiver communication workflow
  • Expedites critical patient care
  • Offers reporting clinicians one-call-does-it-all simplicity
  • Satisfies Joint Commission and American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines
  • Reduces radiologist interruptions with timely Veriphy test results communication
  • Improves the communication of patient findings within a hospital and across multiple hospitals and departments

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Nuance Clintegrity VA CDI Pro Solutions(pdf. Open a new window) help the VA improve its inpatient clinical documentation and facilitates the gathering of pertinent clinical documentation to accurately represent patients’ severity, acuity, and risk of mortality. It also enables CDI specialists to review concurrent documentation efficiently, and VA coding management to monitor and report on critical coding activities effectively. The result: measurable efficiency and communication gains, and improved documentation and coding accuracy.


  • Accurately identifies cases for review
  • Increases efficiency and accuracy for providers documenting the patient’s care
  • Improves initial coding accuracy, reducing the need to re-code, and limit the number of queries and documentation revisions required post-discharge
  • Increases the speed and accuracy of billing processes and ensure you bill for all services rendered
  • Enables CDI specialists to monitor the potential impact of current admissions on VERA funding
  • Promotes effective communication between healthcare providers, coding professionals, and the CDI team

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Clintegrity VERA Analyzer simplifies research so you can uncover potential lost VERA funding. The software helps you identify inpatient admissions that may need coding revisions or clinical documentation improvements to ensure a patient is assigned to the appropriate VERA Patient Class and Price Group. Identifying these cases and making coding changes could potentially improve your facility’s ability to capture full VERA funding.


  • Save time identifying potential coding changes
  • Quickly and easily access Patient Class and Price Group data
  • Support full VERA funding
  • Enhance clinical documentation improvement efforts
  • Monitor coding’s impact on VERA funding over time
  • Accurately identify cases for review


VERA Optimization Service is designed to ensure equitable funding of VA healthcare services. 

Our VERA Optimization Service:

  • Decreases overall number of patients in the non-reliant care price group
  • Increases total number of patients in the complex care price group
  • Educates the work force on their individual impact to VERA
  • Monitors VERA program for continued success

Learn more about Clintegrity VERA Analyzer(pdf. Open a new window)

Learn more about The Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation (VERA) Optimization Service(pdf. Open a new window)



Clintegrity Encoder Product Suite (EPS) includes VistA-integrated inpatient and outpatient coding, compliance, claim scrubber, physician query tracking and central reporting. This revenue cycle workflow and reporting solution helps standardize and improve rev­enue cycle processes and revenue capture in the VA. It provides an intelligent, comprehensive approach to VA inpatient and outpatient data management technology for the health information management, billing and compliance departments. 

Clintegrity VA Chart Complete (VACC)(pdf. Open a new window) is a simple yet powerful VistA-integrated record management system that helps VA Medical Centers complete records in a timely manner by automatically identifying and monitoring chart deficiencies. It provides point-and-click reporting to track chart deficiencies, such as missing discharge summaries, history and physicals, and other critical information.


  • Increases efficiency and decreases time-consuming activities
  • Accelerates revenue processes
  • Improves clinical documentation improvement efforts
  • Enhances reporting capabilities
  • Helps meet requirements for The Joint Commission

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