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Community and rural hospitals — faced with personnel shortages, increasing costs and reduced reimbursement — must make the most of every second and every cent. Nuance clinical documentation solutions help care teams amplify their time and resources by offering a more natural and efficient way to capture the patient story.

The path to clinical and financial success

We’ve built our business around the idea of first time right, ensuring healthcare documentation is the best it can be, empowering physicians and care teams with AI-powered solutions to generate not just an acceptable treatment plan but the best one. Nuance solutions ensure information accuracy throughout the entire patient journey.

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White Paper: How Physician Productivity and Satisfaction Can Help Save Rural Hospitals

Read our latest white paper to learn how strategic technology investments can help rural hospitals improve the quality of life of their physicians and positively impact their reimbursement.

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eBook: Reduce clinician burnout and enhance patient care through AI

Recent efforts in AI-powered solutions, like ambient clinical intelligence, now empower clinicians to automatically document care and help curb physician burnout. Download our eBook to discover how.

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Clinical documentation solutions that work for community and rural hospitals

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Clinical documentation solutions that work for community and rural hospitals

Nuance solutions empower clinicians to accurately and efficiently capture, improve, and communicate the patient story using:

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