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Helping smaller hospitals reach bigger goals

Community and rural hospitals—faced with personnel shortages, increasing costs and reduced reimbursement—must make the most of every second and every cent. Nuance clinical documentation solutions help care teams amplify their time and resources by offering a more natural and efficient way to capture the patient story.

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Announcing DAX Express
Fully AI‑automated notes—available in seconds.

Groundbreaking Nuance DAX Express is the next milestone in an expanding portfolio of solutions combining OpenAI's GPT‑4 with proven workflow‑integrated technology to define the future of intelligence‑infused healthcare experiences.

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Driving better outcomes with Dragon Medical One

Speech recognition accessories

Complementary solutions that allow you to be even more productive and focus more attention on patient care

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Clinical documentation solutions that work for community and rural hospitals

reduction in time spend on documentation


improvement in reimbursement accuracy


core measures compliance

Enhancing telehealth workflow

The increase in telehealth has expanded access to more rural patients and remote communities. Clinicians must ensure that these encounters are efficient and provide high-quality care to optimize the patient experience.

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On camera and on the charts: capturing the value of telehealth in community and rural hospitals

View our on-demand webinar to see how you can improve your telehealth visits by capturing high-quality documentation and boosting productivity.

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Clinical documentation solutions that work for community and rural hospitals

Nuance solutions empower clinicians to accurately and efficiently capture, improve, and communicate the patient story using:

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