Medical Practice Software

When clinicians speak, your EHR listens

Securely capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently to speed productivity, support thorough documentation, and ease EHR usability. This locally‑installed, affordable, real—time speech recognition solution.


Quality documentation for quality care

Designed for physician practices, Dragon Medical Practice Edition achieves 99% accuracy out‑of‑the-box without requiring any voice profile training by amplifying a next generation speech engine with 90 medical specialty vocabularies combined with acoustic models based on the unique way physicians speak.


Highly accurate clinical speech recognition from the start

Gives physicians and other health care providers access to uninterrupted, high‑quality speech recognition even when reliable internet is not widely available. Providers can easily navigate and dictate medical decision‑making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s electronic record for a more complete story—all with less typing or clicking in the EHR.

Complementary solutions

Nuance PowerMic III

A high‑quality dictation microphone designed to enhance productivity and provide ergonomic control of both standard dictation and speech recognition functions.

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