Precision Imaging Network—for AI developers


Easily accelerate AI adoption and advance care

The Nuance Precision Imaging Network (PIN) enables AI developers to quickly and conveniently commercialize market‑ready AI solutions to multiple imaging stakeholders.

Better platform. Better workflow.

Nuance PIN is the only network of its kind to offer imaging insight solutions and full clinical sales and program implementation support to such a broad range of imaging stakeholders, from radiologists to payors to medical device manufacturers.

Trusted, industry‑leading, and market‑ready

Expand your reach on a platform powered by the proven AI, data‑driven infrastructure, and global scale of Microsoft + Nuance.


imaging studies monthly


of all U.S. hospitals


years of AI expertise

A game‑changer for AI developers

PIN provides unique "voice of customer" insights and opportunities to drive additional use cases. Enabling users to share imaging data and insights more efficiently helps bridge medical information silos, improve patient outcomes, and reduce medical costs.

Integration in action

Discover how partner AI solutions can be easily integrated with Nuance PIN to make report and imaging data more actionable and consumable, including worklist prioritization with AI notifications, real‑time interaction with AI findings, inserting AI‑generated data directly into imaging reports, and gathering insights for referring physicians.

Fast‑track your impact

Draw on the combined power, experience, and expertise of Microsoft + Nuance to save time and money on operational tasks, technical support infrastructure, and go‑to‑market resources while providing a trusted, reliable, and secure network to expand your reach.