AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

Nuance AI Marketplace
for Diagnostic Imaging

Accelerating the development, deployment, and
adoption of AI for radiology

The AI Marketplace brings AI into the radiology workflow by connecting developers directly with radiology subscribers. It offers AI developers a single API to connect their algorithms to radiologists across the 6,500+ healthcare facilities that use the Nuance PowerShare Network. It gives radiology subscribers a one-stop shop to review, try, and buy AI algorithms, bridging the technology divide to make AI useful, usable, and used.

For radiology subscribers:
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Nuance brings game-changing AI innovations into radiology workflows

Warren B. Gefter, MD, Professor of Radiology at Penn Medicine, describes how AI-driven technology from Nuance enhances radiologist workflows and drives tangible patient outcomes.


Unparalleled benefits for developers and subscribers

With our deep understanding of radiologists’ needs and workflow, we are uniquely positioned to help them transform healthcare by leveraging AI. Now, with the ability to easily purchase and use AI algorithms within solutions they use every day, radiologists can work smarter and more efficiently. They can focus their time and expertise on the right case at the right time, alleviate many repetitive, mundane tasks, ultimately improve patient care—and save more lives.

Porter Research report reveals how radiologists see AI and PowerScribe One impacting radiology

Hear firsthand from practicing radiologists how they view the role that AI and the cloud must play, the anticipated benefits of solutions like Nuance PowerScribe One, and how these innovations can advance the practice of radiology.

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White paper: In your words: How AI is advancing the impact of radiology in healthcare

Radiologists see cloud-based diagnostic solutions and workflow-integrated AI as key priorities for care teams. Read the white paper to hear what they have to say – in their own words.

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Marketplace apps

One-stop shop to easily try and buy AI algorithms

Our expanding community of AI Marketplace developers, researchers, and technology leaders is committed to the widespread adoption of AI algorithms in radiology, including:

Featured AI algorithms

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How it works

Industry’s first workflow-integrated market for diagnostic imaging AI algorithms

Comprehensive model for AI development, validation, and adoption that delivers the full benefit of AI to a wide range of stakeholders.

AI apps in action

Making AI in radiology usable and practical

Machine learning and deep learning algorithms can improve radiologists’ productivity and accuracy while reducing repetitive tasks that lead to burnout. Here are just a few examples:

KOALA (Knee Osteoarthritis Labeling Assistant) by ImageBiopsy Lab automates the task of repetitive knee OA grading and delivers better service in the form of standardized reports to the referring physician.

Virtual Resident, created by RADLogics, is a software platform that enables image analysis applications of imaging data associated with CTs, MRIs and X-rays to automatically incorporate their analytics—with key images—into PACS and reporting systems.

ClearRead CT by Riverain was the first FDA approved system for the automatic detection of all nodule types. Through the use of this truly unique technology and its vessel suppressed series, users may improve reader accuracy and efficiency.

SubtlePET ™ by Subtle Medical is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology that enables centers to deliver a faster and safer patient scanning experience, while enhancing exam throughput and provider profitability. The new technology is aimed at supporting a four-fold acceleration of scan time or a radiation dose reduction of up to 75%.

LungPrint Discovery by VIDA is a fully automated AI-powered analysis of an inspiratory chest CT scan, providing a quick flag of lung density abnormalities that may be indicative of emphysema (COPD) or interstitial lung disease (ILD). LungPrint includes a novel, patent-pending airway visualization to increase the quality, precision and efficiency in reviewing and reporting lung CT abnormalities. 


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