Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation powered by AI

Improve physician documentation. Achieve unmatched outcomes.

Drive better data and outcomes across the continuum of care with Nuance’s full portfolio of Computer‑Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solutions, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare.

Avoid rework so you can check up on your patients, not your documentation

Hospital staff burnout is fueled by documentation rework and retrospective queries and burnout leads to an exponential rise in medical errors, denials, and increased costs. See how Nuance Computer‑Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solutions can help.

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Computer assisted solutions

Infographic: Computer‑Assisted Solutions

Learn how you can avoid rework so you can check up on your patients, not your documentation.

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CAPD in action

See Nuance CAPD in action

Nuance computer‑assisted physician documentation solutions ensure quality and compliance in real‑time, so physicians can focus on what matters most…their patients.


Support across the clinical encounter

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to physician workflow. Improve productivity and physician satisfaction with guidance and workflow options that engage physicians while addressing your organization’s goals for improved quality and appropriate reimbursement through better documentation.


Guidance at the point of care

Apply deep expertise and engage physicians with a more efficient workflow. Nuance has created AI‑powered documentation guidance software to capture complete and more accurate documentation at the point of care, helping organizations achieve:


Workflow that engages physicians

Professional services


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Learn how Nuance CAPD, backed by artificial intelligence, can simplify clinical documentation for your care teams.