ED Guidance for Dragon Medical Advisor

Real‑time guidance to improve patient safety in the emergency department

ED Guidance for Dragon Medical Advisor, with emergency department content from The Sullivan Group, adds real-time clinical documentation advice to one of the earliest and most critical points in care while alleviating the administrative burden on clinicians.

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Just 3 diagnostic errors account for nearly 75% of all serious harm to patients

Misdiagnosed cancers, vascular events, and infections accounted for nearly 75% of harm to patients and $1.8 billion in malpractice payouts. What if documentation guidance could help improve the emergency department (ED) risk profile?

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Mitigate Emergency Department risk

ED Guidance brings AI-powered and workflow-integrated Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) to the point of care with diagnostic advice and clinical best practices that result in improved documentation. This reduces the occurrence of adverse safety events and the potential for missing diagnoses—the most common cause of ED-related malpractice litigation. In-workflow CAPD delivers:


Experience makes the difference

Dragon Medical Advisor uses proven emergency department content in real-time to align physician practice patterns and compliance around diagnostic drivers. ED Guidance integrates seamlessly with leading EHRs.

The Sullivan Group content

The Sullivan Group’s established and trusted emergency medicine content, now available exclusively through ED Guidance for Dragon Medical Advisor, is used by more than 1,000 acute care facilities to drive greater alignment in clinical practice patterns to improve patient safety and deliver outcomes.

By embedding risk mitigation and patient safety content within Dragon Medical Advisor, it supports diagnoses with relevant clinical information, minimizes rework from retrospective queries, measures and advances care quality and financial performance, and supports the appropriate reimbursements for care.

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