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The #1 clinical documentation companion just got better

Next-level speech‑driven clinical documentation with secure, convenient, and comprehensive support from pre‑charting through post encounter.

Not all speech recognition is created equal

Dragon Medical One, the industry’s #1 rated conversational AI workflow assistant and documentation companion, complements ambient documentation and supports a broader range of clinical and administrative workflows through hundreds of features and advanced capabilities.

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Evaluating the ROI of Dragon Medical One

Next‑level speech-driven clinical documentation.

Documentation aid

There's a cure for time‑consuming documentation challenges

Conquer the clicks with advanced speech recognition that delivers a more productive, personalized documentation experience before, during, and after the patient visit.

See Dragon Medical One in action

View our short on-demand demo and explore how to go beyond dictation with Dragon Medical One.

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Hands‑free convenience and always listening

Eliminate the need for manual controls or clicks, enhancing clinicians' control, ease of use, and freedom, completely. Simply say “Wake up” to turn on the hands‑free microphone, which is always listening.

See why wake‑up‑word is one of Dragon Medical One's most valued features.

Workflow assistant

Integrated voice skills that make workflows work your way

Take the monotony out of repetitive tasks with custom voice skills that enrich your workflow experience with automated shortcuts, easier access to specialized information, and seamless navigation of the EHR.

Less typing, more doing

Cut the clicks and move beyond the keyboard with sophisticated speech recognition.

Get started right away

Capture complete, high-quality documentation quickly and easily⁠—⁠with advanced accent detection, and no voice profile training required.

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Automate tasks that take too long

Capture clinical notes and navigate systems with ease so you can give patients the time and attention they deserve.

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Make note taking less tedious

Take the monotony out of repetitive tasks with custom voice skills that enrich your workflow experience.

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Be more present with your patients

Document whenever and wherever you’re needed most with a flexible and portable solution.

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Work with your workflow

Streamline documentation with convenient shortcuts, easier access to specialized information, and seamless navigation of the EHR.

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Performance analytics

Act on insights to boost efficiency and enhance performance

Access self‑service analytics and peer benchmarking to track and monitor KPI trends and use actionable intelligence to maximize individual and group performance.

With Microsoft Power BI reports and visualization, Dragon Medical One delivers deep insight into organization, group, and individual metrics. It yields greater understanding of performance and opportunities for improvement, helping to consistently provide a benchmark for success.

Reports include productivity and efficiency forecasts as well as data on dictation quality and peer benchmarking across the industry’s largest deployment of speech technology, measuring performance against more than 6,500 healthcare organizations, hundreds of thousands of users, hundreds of millions of voice skills and AutoTexts, and billions of lines of dictation.

Mobile EHR access

Effortless synergy with mobile and web EHRs

Extend the reach of your investment with enhanced capabilities designed to work specifically with mobile and web EHR apps including Epic Haiku and Canto, Cerner PowerChart Touch, and MEDITECH Expanse.

Dragon Medical One and DAX

A natural combination with unparalleled potential

Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) works seamlessly with Dragon Medical One to complete and enhance the quality of the patient‑physician experience, increasing efficiency and improving financial outcomes.

Meet DAX Copilot

AI‑automated clinical notes and workflows.

Learn how AI‑powered automated documentation is improving efficiencies and igniting a new era of copilots for healthcare.

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The industry‑best speech recognition doctors depend on also delivers actionable workflow assistance and clinical guidance.

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