Nuance AI-Powered Virtual Assistants for Healthcare

Voice‑enabled virtual assistants for healthcare

Envision a future where care teams and patients are more productive, better informed, and better served by applying AI to high‑impact problems in healthcare.

The Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant delivers sophisticated conversational dialogues and healthcare skills that automate high‑value clinical tasks from chart search to CPOE—just to name a few. These robust healthcare skills are delivered through EHR apps, like Epic Rover and Haiku, MEDITECH Expanse, Nuance‑branded solutions like Dragon Medical One, and other healthcare applications.

See it in action

Virtual assistants across devices and care settings

See how virtual assistants enhance interactions between clinicians and patients, improving patient experience and reducing physician burnout.

Increasing face time and improving results

Nuance surveyed more than 200 healthcare professionals about the role of virtual assistants and the technology’s potential to promote a better experience.

8 out of 10 respondents agree that introducing a clinically‑oriented, AI and voice‑driven virtual assistant into the EHR and exam room workflow will:

— Reduce the burden on care teams

— Improve the patient experience

— Allow clinicians to spend more time with patients

— Ease the burden of accessing information in the EHR

— Reduce the time spent documenting care

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Infographic: Healthcare Virtual Assistants

Learn how virtual assistants are driving the future of clinical documentation.

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Features and benefits

Designed for healthcare

Building on decades of healthcare experience, an extensive market footprint, and its highly scalable, multi‑channel virtual assistant platform, Nuance has created a virtual assistant solution optimized for the healthcare provider market and includes:

Healthcare skills

Experience the EHR like never before

Nuance’s virtual assistant solution delivers sophisticated conversational dialogues and healthcare skills that automate high value clinical tasks from scheduling to chart search to CPOE—just to name a few.

Collect printed documents
Scan directly to and print from EHR, ECM and other endpoints from any device
Easily convert pdf and other files to Microsoft Office documents
Access and share PHI with your smart devices
Collect printed documents
Collect printed documents
Collect printed documents
Collect printed documents
Healthcare apps

Nuance brings next level conversational AI to EHRs

AI strength

Proven innovation across industries

What makes the Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant an even stronger value proposition AI expertise leveraged from the millions of people and thousands of organizations that rely on Nuance AI in their cars, throughout financial institutions, and across the world’s leading consumer brands.


automobiles have shipped with Nuance AI

The same technology that adapts to wind and road noise makes our speech recognition accurate in even the noisiest emergency room.


consumer voiceprints are powered by Nuance AI

The same technology securely identifies healthcare conversations to automatically document patient encounters.


virtual and live chats per year powered by Nuance AI

The same technology makes it possible for care teams to conversationally interact with the EHR.


Nuance AI delivers text‑to‑speech with 125 voices in 50 languages

The same technology makes our virtual assistant sound like an extension of the care team.


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