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The patient story should be dictated by clinicians—not technology limitations. The Dragon Medical One platform includes industry-leading speech recognition software in the cloud so your staff can be productive anywhere. Clinicians produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content. Say hello to freedom.

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See how Dragon Medical One and supporting enhancements boost clinician productivity and efficiency through a consistent, personalized experience.


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As part of the Nuance Healthcare cloud platform, Dragon Medical One is compatible with more than 100 web-based and mobile EHR apps as well as enhancements from Nuance and industry partners that optimize physician workflows.


Advanced Step-by-Step Commands, a built-in productivity tool included with Dragon Medical One, boosts efficiency and documentation quality by automating common tasks. Clinicians use an intuitive interface to easily create personalized voice commands that execute one or more steps—recreating simple and intermediate commands—to complete complex tasks and increase clinician productivity. 


A Nuance Healthcare ID is included with every license to Dragon Medical One. By registering their NHID, clinicians unlock no-cost access to their personal voice profile and speech-enabled workflows in a catalog of mobile productivity apps—such as Imprivata Cortext, Kratin TruliaCare, and Care Thread—as well as built-in productivity tools like Clinical Calculators, and online management and personalization tools.

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Clinicians use Dragon Medical Clinical Calculators to easily compute various scores and indices within a user-friendly interface. Clinicians access 30+ evidence-based calculators—medical equations, scores, and algorithms—within the clinician documentation workflow, supporting clinician decision-making and improving completeness of documentation.  Users must register their Nuance Healthcare ID, but clinical calculators require no additional software to install and no additional cost. 

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Computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD)

Dragon Medical Advisor analyzes physician notes in real time and suggests ways to make the narrative stronger and more specific. Streamline CDI workflow, accelerate ICD-10 compliance, improve risk adjustment and speed billing.


Turn your smartphone into a wireless microphone

Instead of searching for a dedicated USB microphone, clinicians are finding more time to spend with patients. PowerMic Mobile turns the smartphone into a secure wireless microphone so caregivers can capture notes while information is fresh, or catch up on clinical documentation from home.


Embedded speech in EHR apps for a seamless experience

For years, Nuance has worked side by side with EHRs, many of whom have voice-enabled their own apps on the Nuance platform—including Epic Haiku and Canto, Cerner PowerChart Touch, and eClinicalWorks Mobile and Touch, just to name a few. Using these web-based and mobile apps in conjunction with Dragon Medical One ensures the most seamless EHR experience for your clinicians.


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Our team of experts give you all the support you need to plan, deploy and adopt our cloud platform. Maximize how a true, single voice profile supports a seamless transition from back-end to front-end speech through pre-adapted voice models with personalizations. Let our team help your Dragon Medical Network Edition users leverage their pre-existing voice models and customizations with Dragon Medical One across devices and the broadest app ecosystem in the industry. And once you’re up and running, you can easily monitor usage and access actionable analytics to help you maximize the return on your investment.

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