Ambient clinical intelligence: The exam of the future has arrived

Automatically document care with the Dragon Ambient eXperience

The exam of the future has arrived with clinical documentation that writes itself™

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Nuance DAX and the University of Michigan Health‑West

Explore how the University of Michigan Health‑West has expanded its deployment of Nuance DAX to empower physicians to reduce administrative workloads and focus on patient care with clinical documentation that writes itself.

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Unmatched outcomes

The positive impact on care delivery

7 min

Saved per encounter. Reducing documentation time by 50%.


Reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue.


Of physicians state DAX improves documentation quality.


Of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational.

Better patient‑physician experience, all around

Discover how to improve care quality, boost efficiency, and reduce physician burnout with the Dragon Ambient eXperience.

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Ambient clinical intelligence (ACI)—a comprehensive, AI‑powered, voice‑enabled solution

ACI uses ambient sensing technology to securely listen to clinician‑patient encounter conversations while offering workflow and knowledge automation to complement the EHR. Exceeding the capabilities of a virtual or on‑site scribe, the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX), innovated by Nuance and Microsoft, promotes a better patient experience by accurately capturing and appropriately contextualizing every word of the patient encounter and automatically documenting patient care without taking the physician's attention off the patient.

  • Incorporates CMS E/M guidelines and clinical documentation integrity standards from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). We tune documentation through an architecture embedded with specialty-specific requirements gleaned from extensive research and analysis of thousands of sample notes and the design principles of quality, integrity, enhancement and optimization.
  • Integrates subject matter expertise and clinical knowledge with real-world experience to produce high-value, adaptable, cross-specialty documentation. Documentation includes explicit CMS guidance, structure and terminology.
  • Contains a consistent set of sections, terminology, and formatting that use Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) styles and standards. These standards help ensure concise, unambiguous communication of health information.
  • Is tailored to meet each specialty’s diverse clinical workflows, conventions, and care pathways. It incorporates specialty and sub-specialty norms and requirements to improve usability and value.
  • Is optimized so you can create high-quality clinical notes with ease. Our team of clinical documentation experts assess the EHR workflow and templates currently used and identify opportunities for improvement. Put simply, the better the verbalization of the patient encounter, the better the note and less time spent on documentation.


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Designed for healthcare

Nuance DAX is built on decades of healthcare experience and an extensive market footprint. The wide‑scale deployment of our speech recognition platform across a large customer base gives us incredible amounts of data to continually improve our AI. Every word teaches and reinforces meaning, allowing the technology to better predict and understand how to contextualize new information. Built on the highly‑secure HITRUST CSF certified, Microsoft Azure platform, the Nuance DAX solution is available for an array of medical specialties.

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Experience what's possible today

Machine learning and AI show great promise for healthcare. Explore innovations that amplify human intelligence to improve how care teams interact with patients and document care.

Real-world case studies

How Nuance DAX transforms healthcare

Nuance spoke to physicians across the U.S., serving a diverse set of populations and specialties to understand the impact of Nuance DAX on their patients, practices, and organizations.

Video case study

Expand access to care and improve the patient experience

Dr. Sharmin, a Family Care Medicine Specialist at WellSpan health, shares how DAX is helping to expand access to care, and improve quality of care and the patient experience.

Journey to ambient

Your journey starts with Dragon Medical One

Nuance DAX leverages and extends the power of Dragon Medical One with the latest advancements in ambient sensing technology and AI to create a fully voice‑enabled and ambient exam room environment. Take advantage of the industry’s most widely used cloud‑based speech recognition technology and benefit from increased levels of workflow, task, and knowledge automation.

Insights into ambient intelligence technologies

Discover how ambient clinical intelligence can
improve the patient experience and reduce physician burnout.

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Proven innovation across industries

What makes ambient intelligence an even stronger value proposition is the AI expertise leveraged from the millions of people and thousands of organizations that rely on Nuance AI across the world’s leading consumer brands.


consumer voiceprints are powered by Nuance AI

The same technology securely identifies healthcare conversations to automatically document patient encounters.


virtual and live chats per year powered by Nuance AI

The same technology makes it possible for care teams to conversationally interact with the EHR.


Nuance AI delivers text‑to‑speech with 125 voices in 50 languages

The same technology makes our virtual assistant sound like an extension of the care team.


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