Nuance DAX: Real-world case study

Enriched care and capacity to serve more in the community

Physician profile

Primary Care Practitioner, Pennsylvania

Typical patient load

Approximately 18 patients per day, up to 30 during extended‑hours periods


Providing quality care to as many members of the community as possible


In‑room notetaking leaves the physician feeling anxious trying to engage with the patient while absorbing and capturing details and leaves the patient feeling rushed

One family care physician in Pennsylvania says a core focus of her work is to support as many members of the community as possible. On an average day, she sees 18 patients; with extended hours, the tally can rise to as high as 30. These patients enter her office from a range of diverse communities and demographics; some pediatric, many in middle‑age, others more elderly. Yet, she recognizes one critical factor that enables her to serve people of widely divergent backgrounds: building a strong interpersonal connection from the moment the patient enters the room.

“Our community needs lots of providers, patients need more appointments; there are new patients that we can’t accept because of the lack of providers in the community. DAX will help to open us to more new patients—that is the main goal of having DAX in our practice.”

Carrying a substantial, fast-paced daily patient load, she has no choice but to conduct documentation in real‑time. She finds it extremely stressful to capture in‑room notes while simultaneously engaging with patients and absorbing relevant details. Even worse, she worries her patients feel rushed and can sense the distraction of the computer.

Nuance DAX directly addresses her need to provide fulsome experiences to her patients. She notes DAX’s ambient documentation facilitates greater patient engagement by allowing her to focus solely on listening to patients’ needs and building rapport with them. “Patients find it helpful. Patients do not feel hurried or rushed and are feeling more connected with providers since we brought in DAX.”

Critically, she feels that the efficiency Nuance DAX provides will benefit her local community by enabling her to see more patients during the day. Yet, she is still empowered to complete documentation on time, without adding extra hours to her full workdays, and feels DAX’s notes are thorough and delivered promptly. “I know when I go home that my tasks are done,” she says. “I finish on time without anxiety to come in early to finish notes.”

Unmatched outcomes

The positive impact on care delivery

7 min

saved per encounter, reducing documentation time by 50%


reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue

3 of 4

physicians state DAX improves documentation quality


of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational

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